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Be it automotive or renewable energies, building or construction machinery: in many branches of industry effective high-performance corrosion protection is a definitive factor in the success of new solutions. The challenges in this regard are becoming increasingly complex in addition to the corrosion protection.

We assist our customers from the most diverse areas of industry in guiding their projects to success. We do so utilising over 30 years of experience in corrosion protection for functional parts and our engineers' extensive expertise. Our intelligent solutions have made us European market leaders for micro corrosion protection systems. And also a leading name in research and development in this field and way beyond.

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With our coating solutions, you can always rely on cutting-edge German technology. Tailored to your requirements by our experts, our high-quality solutions set the standards. Worldwide.

Zinc flake
Leading industries have relied on zinc flake technology for over 30 years. This process plays to its strengths in the processing of small bulk parts such as screws, clips and spring band clips – with extremely low coat thickness and high durability.

Our electroplating protection system is process-safe, highly-efficient and offers superb corrosion protection and fastening properties at globally-uniform quality standards.

The best of two worlds: cathodic protecting basecoats such as a zinc or zinc flake coating with an optically-attractive black organic topcoat.

Coil Coating
As a development partner we serve a highly specialised niche-market with coil coating products for longterm surface- and corrosion protection, as well as special applications for the steel segment.

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